CD Welders


The CD400DP offers up to 400 watt seconds with single or dual pulse operation.



CD400DP_User Manual




The CD400 Dual Pulse capacitive discharge (CD) resistance spot welder is one of Sunstone’s most popular welders for resistance spot welding. Up to 400 watt seconds of weld energy provide ample power for a large spectrum of applications, including battery pack manufacturing, at an affordable price. The dual pulse feature is preferred for clean, strong resistance spot welding. Pulse one heats the weld surfaces to eliminate contaminants and then seats the welding electrodes. Pulse two then performs the actual weld. Both pulses occur within a tenth of a second.

CD400 Dual Pulse Resistance Spot Welders Features:

  • Dual Pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants
  • Single or Dual Pulse operation
  • Up to 156 welds/min at 40ws
  • Intuitive user interface