Industrial Spot Welding

Our Dual Pulse Industrial Capacitive Discharge (CD) Resistance Welders combine affordability and power in an attractive, bench-top package. These spot welders can be used for anything from prototyping to production and are suitable for a wide range of fine spot welding applications. Typical spot welder uses include manufacturing and general fine spot production runs, research, and welding small copper parts or other highly conductive material. Weld repetition rates of up to 600 welds per minute are possible.

Our industrial AC Resistance Spot Welders are good for production runs in steel and other materials. The AC 1025 spot welder is capable of welding mid-range thicknesses (e.g. up to two pieces of 0.1 inch steel). Our AC Welders combine powerful features such as dual pulse, multi-pulse, seam, and roll spot with the ability to chain several jobs together. These spot welders have an internal weld transformer.

Typical Industrial Spot Welding Applications:

  • Cross Wire Welding
  • Sensing Devices (Thermocouples)
  • Wire to Terminal Welding (Wire Termination)
  • Heating Elements
  • Industrial Assembly Line Facilities
  • Bench-Top Production Line Welding
  • Small/Large Parts Manufacturing