AC1025 Resistance Spot Welder

The 2.5 kVA AC Resistance Spot Welder offers many features and abilities. Advanced features include dual pulse, multi pulse, rollspot, seam welding, and temper functions. In addition, this AC spot welding machine can save up to 100 schedules and up to 10 jobs (sequences of schedules chained together). 2.5 kVA AC welders are ideal for resistance welding. An internal transformer provides ample power for various resistance welding applications, and the welder’s internal micro processor allows easy set up and programming for any complex resistance welding project. These AC spot welders are capable of resistance welding material  p to 0.1 inch in thickness or all the way down into the micro-scale. The AC1025 Spot Welders are computer controlled spot welders and include thermal protection monitoring.


  • Internal Transformer
  • Simple, User-Friendly Interface
  • 4 Line Character Display
  • Foot Pedal


  • Dual Pulse, Multi-pulse, Seam Rollspot
  • Save up to 100 Schedules
  • Save up to 10 Jobs (A chain of schedules)


  • Brazing
  • Battery pack assembly
  • Resistance Seam welding