Avio Capacitor type

electrostatic-img-01 Fast welding, polarity switch, 4 Pulse


The NRW-DC150 is Suitable for Welding of Battery Tab, Aluminum and Copper.

Using large-capacity energy storage, with quick release of weld energy (discharge time on the order of a few ms).



  • – Dual Pulse Function Minimizes Welding Spark and Improves Welding Quality
  • – Suitable for Aluminum, Copper, as well as other Welding Materials
  • – Deformation and Burning is Minimized due to Short, Concentrated Energy Burst
  • – Fast charging time improves productivity (Welding Speed 75W・S 120Shots/ min)
  • – VS (Very Short) mode allows to obtain peak welding current same as 200W・S type


Dual Pulse Function


Welding Current Form