Seam Welder Full automatic N2 Gas

Seam Welder Full automatic N2 Gas

Seam Welder Full automatic N2 Gas

C-Welding supplies machines to hermetically seal packages, such as the crystal and SAW devices, optical devices, sensors, MEMS, etc., by seam welding.

A seam welder is intended for making a can by putting a lid on a case in which an electronic component is placed. The purpose of putting a lid is the same as that for canned food. It is intended to shut off the outside air from the component inside the package for stable operation for a long period of time. This is called hermetic sealing. The type of components placed inside the package includes crystaldevices, MEMS, sensors and optical devices. Same as the case of resistance welding, seamsealing also welds the package and the lid using pressure force and electricity.

N2 gas Type/Full Automatic Type

Crystal & SAW, Optical device, Sensor


  • Fastest Cycle Time 1.5s & High Availability
  • Minimum PKG Size 2016
  • High reliability sealing
  • High Performance Sealing Head & PS
  • Easy Maintenance & Product Shift



In N2 gas Type/ Full Automatic Type
Power Source:Main Body AC200V 3Φ 20A
Power Source: Chamber AC200V 3Φ 30A
Air 0.5MPa
N2 Gas 0.2MPa
Water 0.5MPa
Dimensions / Mass 2970W x 1320D x 1870H mm 1,800kg