Resistance Welding(Avio)
  • Following the trend of miniaturization, the modular systems of Avio with great welding performance and ultimate process control are highly appreciated in various industries!

  • Resistance Welding(Sunstone)
  • Each Sunstone welder is a high tech welder and every welding solution is versatile enough to allow users to customize and control the welding process.

  • Pulse Arc Welding
  • Simplify welding processes and delivering power, repeatability, adjustability and affordability. Special for Automotive, Medical devices and Aerospace applications!

  • Seam Welding
  • Semi- and Full Automatic Seam Welders using N2 and Vacuum chambers and dedicated power supplies. Large capacity, high accuracy, reliability and performance!

  • Your Applications!
  • Contact us for battery packs, sensors, wires, RF devices, air bags, coils, lamps, honeycombs, medical and many more applications. Watch the videos too!